5 Crazy Things I Have Heard on Hikes

5 Crazy Things I Have Heard on Hikes

I have been privileged enough to travel around this beautiful country I call home. There is a reason Uganda is called the Pearl of Africa and it’s there for everybody to see. The breathtaking beauty in the different regions of the country is just a statement of how God took his time to create it. From the beautiful crater lakes and thousands of waterfalls to the mountain ranges and vast wildlife, everything was just beautifully created. 

It’s always refreshing when I get to travel and it’s on these journeys that I have heard some crazy stories. So here are some of the craziest things I have heard on hikes. 

Source of all Water

In Bunyaruguru, Rubirizi district there is a stream within the heart of Dave caves that is believed to be the source of all water in Uganda. It’s the unheard source of River Nile, Lake Albert, River Mpanga and Mubuku among others. 

This stream is believed to be so mighty that it doesn’t mix with other water bodies, it just feeds them. So if you ever want a reason to doubt your history and geography lessons, it’s best that you visit Bunyaruguru, you will be in for a treat. 

Alpha Male

Kibale National Park is home to Uganda’s largest chimpanzee population with about 1500 individuals, according to  Uganda Wildlife Authority.

One of the alpha males, Totti who is named after the famous Italian footballer was totally unbothered by our presence, at least that’s what I thought at first until I closely looked at his fingers, this intelligent being was low key cursing us out. 

The guide just laughed and said, “He does that sometimes, but I’m not sure he knows what it means.”


I have never heard of an octopus sighting in Uganda until I visited Bunyaruguru. Lake Katinda which is one of the 32 crater lakes is believed to have an octopus that only comes out when it’s going to pay the Lake Murambi (believed to be a female lake) a visit. 

The locals say that “every time it’s planning to cross over, the heavens open up and send hailstorms.”

Up to this day, I still wonder if there is another octopus in Lake Murambi, because why would it cross yet its water is believed to be better. 

Drunk Elephant

In Kibale National Park, I came across a dry seed which is about the size of a mango. It’s believed to be one of the elephant’s favorite meal because it makes them drunk. 

I never knew elephants liked getting drunk until this day. Bewildered, I started wondering how a drunk elephant would act like. Does randomly hug chimpanzees? Does it vomit when it has had too much? Or does it stagger? 

Though given the opportunity, I don’t think I would ever want to run into one because who knows what the two of us would get up to. 

Don’t Undress for the Mountain

One of the craziest things I have ever in my life was when I climbed Mountain Rwenzori. This mystical challenge was filled with so many tales but the one that stood out for me is when one of the guides told us not to undress for the mountain. 

I was so confused, so I asked him why not and he said that it will anger the gods. It’s not Iike we were planning on hiking naked but once he said that, the thought crossed my mind. 

“What if I want to shower?” I pressed on, he said, “trust me you won’t feel the need to.” Believe me you, he was right. I didn’t shower for 6 days, the water was ice cold and the only time I attempted a shower was at the first camp and I immediately regretted my decision. I was literally shaking like a leaf. 

I hope my crazy stories give you more reason to travel, there is so much life out there. 

Kahuma Walter

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