A Land Of A Thousand Waterfalls

A Land Of A Thousand Waterfalls

There are so many beautiful places in Uganda but it’s only one place that has been named “Land of a thousand waterfalls.” Kapchorwa which is located in Eastern Uganda is breathtaking and the evidence is there for everyone to see.

Just as I approached these lands, I was welcomed by a ridge filled with about 5 waterfalls or more. I was overwhelmed with the beauty that I lost count.  Some of them are twin waterfalls others are lone rangers.

Kapchorwa is mostly known for two things; a land of long-distance runners like Joshua Cheptegei and Stephen Kiprotich among others and Sipi falls. But what most people don’t know is that this land has been blessed with hundreds of waterfalls. There are so many that the locals can’t even tell how many they are, it’s that crazy.

Cheptoi Falls

On a recent journey with the Mountain Slayers, we hiked through the hills and valleys of Kapchorwa in search of Cheptoi Falls. On our way, we saw several waterfalls but nothing prepared us enough for what we were about to see.

Hidden away from the public eyes, Cheptoi Falls are located deep within the village. It’s like they were strategically placed to test the resolve of people because it’s only those who are motivated enough to hike through unforgiving weather and rough terrain for nine hours that can see it (there is a shorter route we discovered later).

The waterfalls aren’t like any I have seen before, they are in a class of their own. What they lack in width they compensated with height. They have a 105-meter drop and believe me you, I almost picked my jaw off the ground when the guide told us the measurement.

The scenic view was totally worth what we put our bodies through. No matter the exhaustion we had, it’s like for a moment we were just taking in mental pictures and appreciating this hidden gem.

I guess it’s true what they say, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Because this view and experience will forever be imprinted in our minds. 


After putting our bodies to the test, several of us had all sorts of body pains when morning broke and it was only ideal that we stretch. 

Yoga isn’t for the faint-hearted and I was about to find out why. As our instructor, Liz Kamugisha took us through the session I could feel the strain in all sorts of areas. And I remember thinking to myself, “this is one heck of a workout, I wasn’t ready for.”

Stretching it out. Photo by Anita Komukama

The rich cool air and the beautiful terrain that accompanied the Yoga session made it feel like a perfect match, something I will try out again.

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Kahuma Walter

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1 year ago

Utterly intriguing. Dope stuff Walter. My spirit of adventure has just been poked. I totally appreciate this. Awesome!

Laureene Reeves Ndagire
Laureene Reeves Ndagire
1 year ago

Our beautiful country
Thanks for sharing such an epic trip with the mountaineers
Lol, “boda boda zituyamba”!