Bless A Child Foundation: A Ray of Hope

Bless A Child Foundation: A Ray of Hope

I recently got an opportunity to visit Bless a Child Foundation for like the 3rd time in my life. My visits to this organization usually come with mixed feelings because seeing the joy in these kids is just so heartwarming but listening to the rounds of chemotherapy that they have had to endure often leaves me humbled and a little bit broken.

As my friends and I walked to the sitting area, we were welcomed with jolly faces and after a round of high fives, I noticed a boy sitting in the corner with his eyes glued to the phone screen. I decided to approach, “Do you remember me?”, I asked him. No! was the response and I spent the next 10 minutes trying to remind him about how we played so many board games the last time I visited and when that failed, I blamed it on my beard growth.

Bless A Child Foundation which is located on Plot 140 Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road, helps house children who are battling cancer as they receive treatment at Mulago Hospital. At full capacity, the organization can house up to 25 children plus their caretakers (who are usually the parents pushing the number to 50). The organization often has to look for resources to feed the people and honestly the financial strain on them is sometimes immense but they somehow manage to feed the people thanks to the support they receive from ordinary people like you and me.

To fully understand the tremendous job this organization is doing, one has to just look at the joy oozing out from most these kids. Muhindo, who has cancer in one of his legs is one of the most vibrant children you will find there. When my friends and I walked in, it didn’t take him long enough before he started playing with my lady friend.

His interest in her was amazing, he couldn’t let her go and when he noticed she was distracted, he would sing and boy he could, mixing up Luganda and English songs. He just had to serenade her and the only thing that stopped him from continuing with his spectacular performance was lunch. He needed all the energy he could get, not after that performance.

Some kids manage to beat cancer and unfortunately some pass on, what organizations like Bless a Child are doing is truly remarkable and they can use all the help they can get no matter how small it is, it will always be appreciated.

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