Bungee Jumping Over the Nile

Bungee Jumping Over the Nile

The fear of heights has always been something I wanted to conquer because I believe at the other side of fear is bliss. 

A while back my friends and I embarked on a journey to Jinja, Eastern Uganda and we promised each other that no matter the weather we were going to bungee jump over the Nile.

As we approached Jinja, it felt like someone had pressed the mute button in the car. I got lost in thought as I pondered on what it is that I was about to do. 

Do I really have to do this? What if the ropes snap on me? What if I faint mid-air? Do I have the stomach for this? The fear kept on increasing as we got closer to our destination.

Once we made to Adrift, I couldn’t feel my feet on the ground, my heart was racing, I could feel a pit in my stomach and giving up was starting to feel like the only route out.

Bungee Jump

After signing up and taking measurements at the office, I made it to the balcony where I could see guys bungee jump while I tried to calm my nerves.

There was this guy who said he was going to do the famous Assassin’s Creed jump but when he made it to the edge of the jump-off point, he froze and later just frog jumped. I couldn’t help myself but burst out laughing.

Walking up the stairs to the 80meter high jump-off point (I think it’s about this height) was no easy feat, I promised myself not to look down but that was a lie. I had a glance of the bottom and my heart dropped. ‘Are you insane?’ I whispered to myself.

Once all the necessary ropes were strapped on, the jump guide could see the fear on my face and all he said was, “just do it, you will feel better in a minute.” I smiled and told him, “I hope you’re right.”

He walked me to edge and I literally stared at death. He said, ‘on 3.’ ‘1, 2’, and he pushed me on 2 because he probably knew I would grab the metal on 3.

Off I went like an eagle descending so fast for prey, I could barely think until River Nile was like an arms reach away from my head and that’s when the ropes kicked in, pulling back up.

“This has got to be the best feeling,” I screamed in celebration. All the fear I had before the jump was gone, I was extremely ecstatic and as soon as I was lowered into the waiting boat, I fist-bumped the guides and continued to celebrate.

Sometimes you just have to take that jump in life or you can do it afraid. And like Will Smith once said, “fear kills your ability to see beauty.”

Kahuma Walter

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