Camping With the Mountain Slayers

Camping With the Mountain Slayers

After climbing up several hills of Mpigi district and trekking through Mpanga Forest, all my body needed was some stretches and a calm evening. Walking 26 kilometers wouldn’t have been much of a hustle but after ghosting my workout sessions for 2 months, my body felt it.

When I made it back to camp, I managed to team up with some of the guys who were stretching and at one point I happened to catch myself just staring at the yoga moves these guys were pulling off. Raising their feet to touch their head, doing splits with ease and making their bodies turn/bend in ways mine has never thought. “Who are these people?” I pondered.

As I tried out of one the workout moves, I felt my stomach grumble and it was either time for me to stop or let out an atomic bomb. After a breather, I decided to stick with what I know best.

Camp Fire

After freshening up, I decided to join the rest of the group who were sitting around the campfire for an awesome dinner. I had heard whispers that the chef the Mountain Slayers work with is too skilled and I was definitely in for a treat.

He took his time to marinate the meat, or at least I think he did because I didn’t have an explanation for why it tasted the way it did. I never knew it was possible to salivate when you’re eating but on this day I found out.

To help the food go down with ease was a cup of tea. As much as I wished I had traveled with my favorite tea flavor ‘earl grey’ I had to settle with the plain tea. What’s funny is when my neighbor sat down with her cup of tea, a scent hit my nose and I couldn’t help myself but ask what flavor it was. ‘Peppermint,’ she responded.

We ended up talking about tea for most of the night and before I could walk away she said something that was so profound.

Tea people are good people. Keep them”

Vibranium Ladies

As the music played on to the wee hours, there were these ladies that kept dancing to every jam. I understood that the music was awesome because the DJ kept switching it up but what perplexed me the most was the fact that they still had plenty of energy.

Does Vibranium run through their veins? Or they get high on life after a tiresome trek? The questions kept coming with every song. I tipped off my hat to them when the DJ started playing Jamaican music, these ladies bent low and broke out moves I had last seen in music videos.

It’s like their bodies were regenerating while mine was shutting down. I tried to break out in a move and all I got was a muscle pull. I limped off to my chair and watched the show like the other-wise people who didn’t even bother.

Camping is an awesome treat if you’re with a fun group of people and I was privileged to have created memories with strangers who have now turned into friends. 

Photo Credits: Trish,Tim

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Kahuma Walter

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Claire Musisi
Claire Musisi
1 year ago


Anita Komukama
1 year ago

Vibranium ladies…. That’s a good one.
Camp fire time is always the cherry on top. Can’t wait for the next one..

Charlene Komuntale
Charlene Komuntale
1 year ago

atomic bomb.

1 year ago

Nice one Bruv! Soon come !