Chasing Dreams

Chasing Dreams

About ten years ago, fresh out of university with no clue of what world awaited me, I was so determined to be self-employed and my parents were kind enough to cheer me on as I chased this dream. 

But little did I know that it would completely change my perspective on life and how I value people who don’t flee when life gets hard. 

As I went through the first four years, my mental health was tested, doubt crept in and depression wasn’t far behind. I felt like a burden to people and often found myself withdrawing from society and trying to find solace in my own thoughts. 

On the outside, I looked like a person who had almost everything figured out because I had mastered the art of masking my pain but on the inside, I was broken and lost. 

People often talk about self-love but it’s not easy to love yourself when all you think about are your flaws and failures in your career and relationships. 

I saw my friends advance in life and I played the comparison game, Big Mistake! It only added salt to injury. I was happy for them but also brought the hammer hard on myself for feeling stagnated in life. 

The Transition

I have this friend who used to visit my office every other day since he worked nearby. For some reason, he always insisted on giving me transport money even when I knew he didn’t have much on him and he would always say things like, “you’re a good person, don’t doubt yourself.” 

It’s like he was Godsend because we weren’t very close at university but for some reason here he was doing the most. He saw through my wall and kept affirming me. 

His words may have seemed small to him but to me, they lifted a cloud of darkness because I always wondered what he saw that I didn’t. It’s his act of kindness that helped me out of a dark hole and honestly, that’s what I needed to continue chasing my dreams. 

I took a break from self-employment for four years to just restrategize and came back because if there is one thing I believe, I can make it out here. I’m passionate about content creation and I believe there’s a lot of room for growth in the African industry we have barely scratched the surface.

As I wrap this up I will leave you with this, it took Usain Bolt seconds to win an Olympic gold medal and it took Stephen Kiprotich hours to achieve the same. We all have different journeys in life and we won’t peak at the same time, just be patient, work on your craft, and believe in your potential.

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Kahuma Walter

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Kahunde sarah
Kahunde sarah
6 months ago

Such a beautiful story. My take away is keep pushing no matter what.

6 months ago

I see you quoting the great philosopher Pablo Kimuli. It’s True though, know your race and run with diligence.

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