Choosing Hope

Choosing Hope

We are living in unprecedented times and many of us weren’t even prepared for this Covid_19 period and the mandatory quarantine that has come with it. Personally, I thought this virus wouldn’t spread at a fast pace just like the ones before it in this century but shock on me. 

I remember looking at the charts in February and they were about 80,000 infections and being the optimistic person I am, I said it will blow over soon and went ahead to plan for a trip to Zanzibar. 

But with every passing day, the number of infections kept skyrocketing and I couldn’t help but think about the families that have lost loved ones, sole breadwinners who have lost their jobs and the toll it will have on the economy. 

It’s not easy to remain optimistic when there is a lot of fear-mongering being done by the media and forwarded messages from friends and family only make it worse. On several occasions, I felt like my walls were closing in and fear started to creep in through the cracks. 

“How will I achieve all these plans I had scribbled down in my prayer book?” I often wondered. 

There are times in my past where everything seemed dark, I kept to myself because nothing made sense to me but the whispers in my mind which often carried a high degree of sadness. 

Every time I catch myself spiraling about what next, my optimistic version always kicks in full gear and says “we can’t head back to those dark days where fear of not being good enough, fear of being inadequate, fear of not making it out alive gave me sleepless nights. Choose Hope.”

Two years ago in the midst of fighting depressing thoughts, I chose to pin up motivational quotes in my house which were meant to snap me back every time I wandered off into the darkness. 

I strategically placed them on a wall that I always pass every single day so that my eyes can see them when I’m walking around my house. 

I have 27 quotes pinned up in the house and in these times where it’s been easy to give in to fear, I’m reminded that fear and worry have never solved anything. 

The phrase “Fear Not” is used at least 80 times in the bible and I personally think it’s because God knew the evil one will use it to make us feel hopeless. But if I may quote Mathew 6:27, “Can anyone of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”

It’s easy to feel sad and confused about these times and I personally struggle with it every other day, but every time I catch myself walking down that path I choose hope not because I have everything figured out but mostly because I believe it will get better eventually no matter how long it takes.  

We shall eventually get to travel again, physically see our loved ones, hang out with friends and family and pursue all the dreams we have but until then Stay Safe, Stay Hopeful.

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Kahuma Walter

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6 months ago

Hope should always have a place. Nice write up.