Escape To Jinja City

Escape To Jinja City

One of the things I used to think about a lot during lockdown was how my ancestors would have handled the situation. I often imagined the whole scenario of telling a nomad to stay in one place for close to 4 months. They probably would have had a riot at their hands because all they knew was to move with their livestock.

Being a descendant of one, I was grateful that I could still go on virtual tours thanks to the internet and thousands of memories collected by my camera but its nothing compared to the real experience which I totally yearned for.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, there I was planning a trip to Jinja after an amazing hiking experience at the shores of Lake Albert in Kaiso district.

The trip to the newly announced city was dubbed “Jinja Must Happen” because my friends and I needed to declutter and break away from the Kampala noise and everything it came with.

The Trip

With hopes of fully making the most of the weekend, we left Kampala early and boy oh boy the fresh air as you drive through Mabira Forest hits different. It got me elated and couldn’t contain myself as I beamed from ear to ear.

“Good morning sir, we have been expecting you,” said the receptionist as we walked into The Black Lantern. Well, technically he didn’t say that, it was just wishful thinking because I literally had the “Fear of Missing Out” bug.

As we were shown to our tents, I had one glance at the swimming pool and said, “this is the weekend I learn to swim.” There is something amazing about being determined to learn and like Nelson Mandela once said, “it seems impossible until it’s done.”

My first attempts were as horrible as they could possibly be but my coach kept saying, “you’re one with water, get out of your mind.” And that was the turning point, by the end of the weekend I had learnt how to glide on the water and the breaststroke.

I had heard a lot about the Black Lantern pork ribs and they lived up to the hype, one plate could literally feed 2 people comfortably. Talk about cost-cutting (insert smiling emoji).

The main focus was of the weekend was to unwind and unwind we did because we never at once ever felt like going to our tents before midnight or stay in them after 9 am, we were that determined to make the most of the weekend and I for one was overly joyed.


With several great travel/accommodation promotions going around, we got a fairly good deal for our stay at Black Lantern. We paid 80$ a night (breakfast inclusive) and the tent could accommodate up to 3 people.

Was it worth our stay? Totally, I would recommend Black Lantern if you’re looking for a relaxed weekend with your friends.

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Kahuma Walter

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