Escaping the City Noise

Escaping the City Noise

Sometimes Kampala makes me feel like the walls are closing in. The city noise adding to the stress that has built up since time immemorial. And the only escape is to seek peace and quiet in a far land even though it’s a 2-hour drive away.

My friends and I, recently went on a trip to Jinja, Eastern Uganda and honestly we didn’t know how much we needed until we hit the highway. 

It’s like for a moment, we forgot about the mountains of work waiting for us on our tables, the disappointments and the pain hidden away from the world. Smiles continued to light up faces the further we made it on our journey. 


Having failed to stop at Namawojjolo for some freshly roasted plantain and sizzling chicken because of the wet morning, we made a pit stop at Banz cafe.

Strategically located on the roadside, this beautiful cafe brought back campus memories as they played old skool rock jams like zombie, in the end, and over you among others.

As we sang along, cold chills run down my spine and I wasn’t about to let the goosebumps out, so I challenged my friend to a plank. Luckily for me, she was a real trooper and never backed down.

40 seconds in, our bodies were shaking like leaves


Without the hustle and bustle of traffic jam, we drove around the beautiful town as we followed the Google maps direction to Jinja Sailing Club which was our hangout for most of the day. 

As soon as we drove through the gate, we were hit by the scenic view of the River Nile and the fresh air. It felt like a match made in heaven and the only thing missing was Simba who would have helped us reenact that popular scene from Lion King where Rafiki is holding him up in the air.

I caught a glance of my friend and he looked mentally checked out. He was probably thinking about the alternate source of the Nile river which is hidden away in Bunyaruguru or dumbo (flying elephant) because another sip of Tusker beer put a smile on his face.

Having enjoyed a beautiful lunch thanks to subsidized Kampala Restaurant Week prices, we made our way to Nile Discovery Resort, which will be the Nyege Nyege grounds in just a few weeks. 

Without the magnitude of the event crowd, the resort is a real gem. It’s easy to see the interaction of urbanization and nature because on one side there is the Owen falls dam and on the other, it’s tree cover and the Nile river.

At one point I got lost in the beauty because it brought calm, something I greatly needed. I guess it’s true what John Muir once said, “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”

I can only hope you find more reason to travel and escape the city noise once in a while. 

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Kahuma Walter

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Tinotenda Salome Hondo

You make me want to catch there next plane and go to Jinja. Beautiful place…

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