Faith And Tea

Faith And Tea

One of the things I was looking forward to this year was the Fearless summit in Nairobi and it totally lived up to the hype.

By the time the first day of the summit was done, I couldn’t help but be in a cheerful mood. My money for the summit was done and don’t get me wrong, I had paid for all the 3 days but when these fearless influencers of society spoke, I felt like the message was mine.

Almost everyone has met giants in their lives: some have come out on top, others are still fighting and the rest have chosen alternative routes. Personally, it’s still an ongoing battle against giants like procrastination and doubt. What these guys talked about reignited a fire within me.

“We all have the power within to make a difference, No one is too small, We rise by lifting others, Delay is not destiny, Your background doesn’t determine your destiny, We are in a better position than King David was.”

As they talked, I asked myself several questions. What if I make it? What if I completely believe in my ability to get it done? What if I make a positive impact in the world? What if I improve my faith?

In a world of David vs Goliath, I ought to see the opportunity when others see the danger, I ought to soar on wings like eagles; but it all starts with killing the giants within before I can face the giants in the world.

With topics like doing business with integrity, Digital simplified, Avoiding pitfalls in business and Building a community of influential men among others, the fearless summit was too enriching, to say the least.

Apart from the amazing speeches, the worship session which took place on the last day was everything I had dreamt of. I felt like I was at a Hillsong concert because the way these guys delivered, chills just.

It was an emotional rollercoaster for me, one minute I was on a high jumping up and down, and the next it’s like someone had cut onions in the room as I thought about the heartache I have had to endure.

It’s always amazing to travel and enjoy these moments with friends and luckily for me I had a basketball starting 5. When we were not at the sessions or being reflective, it was a battle of the fastest thinker as we played different board games at our Airbnb.

I didn’t expect anything less than a stiff competition because I knew what all these guys could bring to the table. Surprisingly, one of my friends would do a spirit dance every time he won. I wonder what he would do if there was an actual prize.


Whichever person thought of inviting tea manufacturers like Ketepa and Kericho to the Fearless summit needs to be thanked.

The first time I tasted the different flavors on display, my tongue did a backflip. “Where has this tea been all my life?” I pondered.

My tea experience was totally transformed and there is no turning back: not with flavors like caramel, earl grey, jasmine, and forest fruit, among others. I lost the battle before it even started.

What’s thrilling was, I got to taste most of the flavors on display before I could even purchase any. They knew they had me after my first cup and before I could catch my breath they were recommending different flavors. It felt like my YouTube click bait, I always fall for it.

A friend once said “Tea people are good people, Keep them” and honestly, I couldn’t agree more. Though don’t be surprised if I bring my own tea to the party.

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Kahuma Walter

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