Fort Portal: The Crater Lake Paradise

Fort Portal: The Crater Lake Paradise

I have been to Kabarole district, Fort Portal hundreds of times in the past but never had I ever taken time to just immerse myself in its beauty. 

There is a Rutooro saying “Tooro okasemera” which means Tooro is beautiful. I used to think this was mostly because of its rich culture and beautiful people (some of the kindest humans one can ever meet) but I have slowly come believe that it’s rich biodiversity also has a lot to contribute to this saying. 

From the towering Rwenzori Mountain Ranges in its backdrop to Kibale National Park which is home to Uganda’s biggest chimpanzee population to Semuliki National Park which has some of the world’s most stunning hot springs, the district keeps on giving.

It is also a crater lake paradise with about 52 of them making it the most as compared to other districts. A close second would be Rubirizi district/Bunyaruguru which has 32. 

Out of the 52 crater lakes, I got to see about 10 of them in 2 days. Each uniquely shaped with its own mythical story. Despite the immense beauty they all offered, I felt more connected to Lake Nkuruba. 

Located about 20kms out of Fort Portal town, this crater lake is one of the few still surrounded by a forest. It is a habitat for monkey species like Red colobus monkey, black and red colobus and vervet monkeys. 

It’s also one of the lakes where swimming is allowed but only for professionals because of the deep water. 

When I walked to the edge of the lake, I was amazed to see how clear the water was. I could literally see plenty of fish swimming and it was at this point I wished for some Aquaman capabilities because I would have seen what life is like at the bottom of a crater lake. It’s a thought I have failed to shake. 

The reflection of the trees gives off a deceptive look making the lake appear green but in actual sense, it’s as clear as they come. 

I got lost in thought with every passing minute, the calmness of the lake, the birds chirping and the cool breeze was straight out of a romantic movie. It’s no wonder John Keats once said, “the poetry of earth is never dead.”


Accommodation with a jaw-dropping view is usually hard to come by at pocket-friendly prices but Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve tries by offering its clients an option of camping. 

If one can’t afford the premium of 100,000UGX for a cottage, they offer camping services which goes for 10,000UGX (without a tent) for just a night. 

So if you’re thinking of traveling to Fort Portal, Kabarole on a budget, then I would suggest you camp by the lakeside and enjoy the sights and sounds mother nature has to offer. 

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Kahuma Walter

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Sarah kahunde
Sarah kahunde
7 months ago

This is a nice read. Am sure when I get some money I will camp there..hehe

7 months ago

Nature at its best, awesome read

6 months ago

Very exciting