Hidden Cave of Zzitwe

Hidden Cave of Zzitwe

There are so many exciting things about Zzitwe, which is located 2 hours out of Mukono town. From its jaw-dropping lake views and breathtaking sunsets to the forgotten horrors of human cannibalism, everything is just set up to keep one intrigued. 

Though the one thing that is hardly ever talked about or shown is the hidden cave on the lakeshore. 

There is never a dull moment. Photo by Paul Lumala

After hiking for about 4 hours through farmlands, forests, and beaches, we (Mountain Slayers) got to this spot that was completely oblivious to us and we would have walked past it if the guides hadn’t told us about it. 

Hidden Cave

The cave is hidden thanks to thick vegetation around it. We had to descend to it with caution, often holding on tree branches for support because one missed step would call for a visit to the dentist. 

To fully take in its beauty and understand what life it supports, one has to squat to get a better view of it. From the design of it to the rich biodiversity, it’s a page torn out of a fantasy book. 

There is no way one could see the cave without squatting. Photo by Megan Lee

The cave is home to hundreds of birds, bats, lizards, and some damaged boats. It’s a cocktail of different things and for nature nerds like myself, I often caught myself drifting away to the sound of the chirping birds. 

With all the beauty and peace the cave offered, we couldn’t let ourselves swim because the water wasn’t conducive. It was green in color, something that has been caused by water eutrophication. This is when a water body becomes overly enriched with minerals and nutrients which leads to the explosive growth of small algae, Phyto and Zooplanktons. 

Water eutrophication. Photo by Megan Lee

However, as stunning as the cave looked I was taken aback when I saw plastics floating on the water. The plastic curse is one that can be tackled by having community buy-in recycling, reusing and reducing their use of plastics among other solutions. 

Despite the poor plastic disposal and terrifying stories of human cannibalism that were reality years back, Zzitwe is so stunning a place and would totally recommend that you visit it sometime to experience it for yourself.

Forever grateful for these kind of views. Photo by Paul Lumala
This is what happens when the hike is a walk in the park. Photo by Anita Komukama

Kahuma Walter

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Anita Komukama

Zzitwe was the ish.. The toilet, the yummy food, the wild and the views!!!