Hidden Gem: Cheptoi Falls

Hidden Gem: Cheptoi Falls

Hidden away in the great valleys of Kapchorwa, Eastern Uganda lies one of the mightiest falls in the region yet so little is known about them. 

Cheptoi falls is unlike many across the country, what it lacks in width it compensated in height. Its 105meter drop is close to the mighty falls like Sipi (Uganda), Victoria (Zambia), Lisbon, and Howick Falls (South Africa) which all lie between 100m to 115m. 

It’s a force of nature, both beautiful and brutal. The water thunders down into a pool like a waterspout. The cool fresh breeze accompanied by the sound of the waterfalls is a cherry on top. 

Unlike Sipi falls which receives the lions share of the tourists in the region thanks to its proximity to the main road and extensive marketing, Cheptoi Falls barely scratches the surface.  

The journey to the falls is strenuous but the reward is grand. The hundreds of hills and valleys one has to go through to access them is an adventure in its self. Not only does one get to see hundreds of waterfalls on the way but their resolve is also tested. 

Depending on the route a tourist uses, it could take up to 5 hours of hiking through vegetation and narrow pathways just to have a view of the falls. 

But as Kai Greene once said, “Nothing comes easy, but as long as you’re breathing, you’re always one breath away from making your dreams a reality.”  If one of your dreams, is to see these mighty falls, it will happen as long as your mind has bought into the idea. 

Soon or later, Uganda as a nation will be out of lockdown and we will travel the pearl of Africa again but until then stay safe. 

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Kahuma Walter

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