Hidden Treasure of Fort Portal: Foot of Nyina Mwiru

Hidden Treasure of Fort Portal: Foot of Nyina Mwiru

There is so much to look out for in Fort Portal whether its the crater lakes, Kibale National park or the Rwenzori ranges but one thing that continues to amaze me is the mystery of Nyina Mwiru. 

Daughter to Bukuku who was a gateman turned king after the disappearance of the ground king Isaza. Nyina Mwiru was believed to be the most beautiful lady of her time, but for her father to avoid the battle which would have launched a thousand ships and the birth of an heir to the throne, he hid her in a cave which is currently known as Amabere Caves. 

The fear of losing power made Bukuku do unspeakable things to his daughter. It’s believed that he cut off one of Nyina Mwiru’s breasts and plucked out one eye all in the name of making her look ugly. 

Waterfalls at Amabere caves

As fate would have it, she eventually fell in love with Isaza’s son Isimbwa who happened to wander off into cave where she was hidden and the rest was history. They had a son, Ndahura, who grew up and overthrew Bukuku as the fortune-tellers had predicted. 

Foot of Nyina Mwiru 

Commonly known as Kigere Kya Nyina Mwiru in the Rutooro, it’s located a few kilometers from Amabere Caves. The footprint which is carved out of a rock is believed to be Nyina Mwiru’s. 

Despite the jaw-dropping size of the footprint, it’s said when she stepped there, all the force awakened making huge depressions in the land that formed the current day Lake Kigere. 

This photo doesn’t do the real size of the foot justice

I can’t begin to comprehend the amount of force that is needed to create a depression that big but I’m sure to gods like Thor, all it takes is a hammer.

My foot is literally almost half the size of the Nyina Mwiru’s, so I’m guessing she was a size 18 and that would put her height at about 9ft, now that’s one giant. It’s no wonder she could split the land with just a mere step.

Just 100 meters from the foot of Nyina Mwiru, is a breathtaking view of 3 crater lakes which are easily visible on top of the hill. It’s that view which is straight out of a fantasy, one can’t get enough of it.

Scenic views from top of the hill

The rich history of Nyina Mwiru is one of the many things that has attracted tourists to Fort Portal, so the next time you plan a visit to this beautiful land make sure you check out Amabere caves and Kigere kya Nyina Mwiru.

However, this hidden gem needs to be protected and maintained otherwise it will just wither away like so many great things around the world.

Kahuma Walter

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