Kibuuka: God of War

Kibuuka: God of War

Growing up I was always intrigued by some of the stories my teachers, friends, and siblings told me but one story left its print on me and I just couldn’t forget no matter the years that passed. 

Once upon a time (can’t believe I just used that line) there was a mighty man who was considered the god of war. He never lost any battle because he always had an advantage point, the clouds. 

He would fly up to the clouds and shoot at his enemies and the war would end before it even started. 

I thought it was all fictional and still think it is because storytelling was a way of entertaining kids before technology changed the game but I was in for a shock when I paid the Uganda Museum a visit a few weeks back. 

In a corner, there it was, Kibuuka: God of War. I felt like a child who had just seen candy as I walked over to read more about this famous god that filled my childhood memories. 

Kibuuka lived during Kabaka Nakibinge’s era 1580 – 1607 and is believed to have made a pair of wings from animal skin. He flew like a bat and shot at his enemies from the clouds. 

“This guy knew rules of gravity and flight long before the airplane was invented, how iconic,” I thought to myself. 

Though the one thing that confused me the most was the strength he would put behind the arrow because shooting from the clouds is no easy feat. “Wouldn’t the arrow lose it’s speed and target due to the wind and distance or did he mount a little turbo engine on them?” I guess I may never know. 

Unfortunately, Kibuuka didn’t live to claim the airplane patent, he died in battle when his enemies found out he was using the clouds as a cover. They shot at him (still wondering about the strength of the weaponry) and he fell from the skies.  

Though I strongly believe there was a spy in his camp or an envious person who was just tired of singing praises to him because if it wasn’t for that person, never know Uganda would have never been colonized, would never need a national army, Kibuuka would have handled it. 

He would have been one of the modern heroes or the only Avenger to take on Thanos. What a beating it would have been. 

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Kahuma Walter

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