Places To Visit Post Lockdown: Kibale National Park

Places To Visit Post Lockdown: Kibale National Park

As we look towards the lockdown being lifted in Uganda, I couldn’t help but think about the opportunity to travel. With limited movement and curfew implemented over 2 and half months ago, the possibilities of moving around the country have been close to none for non-essential workers. 

People with itchy feet like myself have had to accept the new normal and be patient but that didn’t stop me from thinking about the Post Lockdown places to visit in Uganda. 

Kibale National Park 

Located  25km from Fort Portal town, Kibale National park is a wildlife sanctuary and is home to the biggest population of Chimpanzees in Uganda with about 1450 individuals. 

The amazing thing about these close relatives of ours is they not only share 98.7 percent of our genetic blueprint but they are believed to have 32 different calls that can be distinguished by man. 

Chimpanzees are also 1.5 times stronger than an average person and this mostly due to the higher content of fast-twitch muscle fibres that help them climb and swing on trees. 

They also have a vast diet that ranges from fruits, plants, insects, eggs, and nuts among others. Chimpanzees are also carnivorous and have been known to kill monkeys and small antelopes. 

Compared to other animals, these great apes are incredibly intelligent. They can work with tools like stones or sticks, communicate with complex vocalizations and even seem to mourn the deaths of their friends. 

Kibale National park is also home to East Africa’s largest population of the threatened red colobus monkey, L’Hoest’s monkey, and Uganda’s only endemic monkey, the Uganda mangabey. 

According to  Uganda Wildlife Authority, Kibale was upgraded to national park status due to its rich biodiversity that includes 350 tree species, 370 bird species, and 71 species of mammals like Elephants, buffaloes, and giant forest hog among others. 


There are several resorts, lodges or hotels that one can choose to stay at depending on their budget. Accommodation in Fort Portal town can range from as low as 8$ to as high as 150$ while as National Park accommodation varies according to one’s preference. 

Top-notch places like Kibale Primate Lodge have slashed their prices for domestic tourists to 66$ (250,00 UGX) so that they can open their doors and still give high-quality service to their guests in the post lockdown period.

Kibale Primate Lodge. Photo Amos Wekesa
A cottage at Kibale Primate Lodge. Photo by Amos Wekesa

Uganda as a country is blessed with immense beauty and it’s only right that we go out there and experience it for ourselves.

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