Places You Need To Check Out Once We Beat Corona

Places You Need To Check Out Once We Beat Corona

As we hope and pray for the end of the coronavirus there is a lot of information that we can consume to help keep our minds stay engaged from the comfort of the couch or we can think of the places we would want to visit when all this quiets down and it’s just a distant horrific memory. 

A few weeks ago, a friend asked me which place I would recommend visiting in Uganda when things are back to normal and honestly, I froze because it felt like I was trying to find X all over again. So I told him it depends on what one is trying to achieve or find before I went on to break down for him in categories. 

Water Falls

Apart from the majestic Murchison falls, Uganda has been blessed with thousands of waterfalls across the region but no other district out-competes Kapchorwa. It’s known as the land of a thousand waterfalls, they are so many of them that the locals themselves don’t even know the exact number. One doesn’t have to struggle to see one, as you approach the Kapchorwa from Mbale district they are right there with open arms waiting to welcome you. 

Crater Lakes

Kabarole and Rubirizi (Bunyaruguru) districts have the most crater lakes with 52 and 32 respectively. They’re stunning to look at and some dramatically shaped like Lake Katinda which has love shape. It’s no hoax, this lake in Bunyaruguru literally wears its heart on its sleeves and it’s believed to be in love with Lake Murambi which lies just a few meters from it. 

Hot Springs

There are several hot springs around the country but I haven’t seen any that are as stunning as the ones at Semuliki National Park. Named female and male hot springs, the story behind the naming is equally as dramatic but yet fascinating.


From Bwindi Impenetrable National park which is home to the majestic gorillas to Kibale National Park which harbors the highest number of chimpanzees in Uganda to the mighty Murchison Falls National Park to the savanna grasslands of the Kidepo National Park in North Eastern Uganda, the country is a wildlife haven. Some animals can be found in specific locations while others like Elephants can be found in almost every national park across the nation. 

Slave Trade History

Fort Patiko which is located in Gulu district was a collection center for slaves. The strong and beautiful were forced to endure long journeys to Egypt through Sudan while the weak and the weary were killed off. 

The slaves were chained up, squeezed in tiny spaces and forced to sleep on bare rocks. It’s easy to see the horrific conditions slaves endured when one pays this place a visit.

Mountain Climbing

There are several mountains one could climb in Uganda but why not take on the mighty mountains of the moon which is the third highest mountain in Africa. It takes about 4 days to climb Rwenzori mountain and 3 days to make it back to the base. 

With every level, there is a jaw-dropping view which can’t easily be put in words. The gruesome journey to the summit and back is totally worth every penny. 

So as you take this forced pause, think about those places you would like to visit once we have kicked Corona’s butt but until then stay safe. 

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Kahuma Walter

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