Road Trip With Friends

Road Trip With Friends

I recently went on a road trip with some of my friends or should I call them accountability partners or family, they have so many awesome titles I don’t even know if they know.

As I prepared for the 13-hour journey to Nairobi, I kept praying for my tummy to behave because it’s usually on days when I have long journeys that it chooses to act up just to remind me that it is in control.

My history with it has always been a love and hate relationship. Sometimes I get off with my poor eating habits other times even water can tick it off.

After saying a word of prayer for it, I had a late lunch and made my way to Mash Poa bus where I was supposed to link up with the rest of my friends. Little did I know they would make me wait an hour before they showed up.

One of them was so bad at time keeping in that the bus left without him on board. Before we knew it, there he was on boda-boda flagging down the bus driver. Luckily for him, the driver was kind enough and brought the bus to a halt otherwise I would have enjoyed this chase down.

As soon as he got on, it didn’t take him long before he started to cracking stale jokes. I kinda felt sorry for the guys who were sitting behind us or did I? I just remember laughing out loud and then I turned to see the reaction of some of the passengers, it’s like they were in on the entertainment!


What is a road trip without some roadside food? Since most of us were kinda full, we settled for plantain while this friend of ours settled for chicken. There is something mouthwatering about the chicken aroma in Namawojjolo and as fate would have it, some friends asked him for a bite.

After they were done having a piece of his chicken, he said: “if they dream about him, it’s because they had it coming.”

Since everyone was full, it was only a matter of time before they started sleeping off.

I had never really valued the use of a neck pillow until this day. As my friends slept off comfortably, I hustled to keep my neck in position. It was crazy that even the little sleep I got, I dreamt about pillow heaven.


I have heard several stories about how one has to be “Woke” in Nairobi or their property can easily disappear in thin air. With all that at the back of my mind, I was kinda worried about reaching the city in the wee hours.

Luckily for us, we reached Westlands a few minutes after 7 am and thus began the hustle to find the nearest restaurant with wifi. With the help of some amazing Kenyans, we managed to find Java House just a few blocks from the bus stop.

Sigh of relief!

When we were done with breakfast, we contacted our Airbnb host and he told us the house will be available in the afternoon, so you can imagine what we did with all that time we had left.

Some of my friends hit the shopping centers, I hit the Safaricom outlet because what is life without an internet connection in a city you aren’t conversant with. I wasn’t ready to take my chances.

I have always been fascinated by Kiswahili but sadly for me, all I can do is greet and count up to 4, I think (literally just counted). When I walked up to the customer care help desk at the Safaricom outlet, I greeted the attendee in Swahili and honestly what she said next was like music to my ears.

I just stood there smiling from ear to ear until she realized I was completely clueless. She politely said “the package you want is 500shs” and I responded with a grin, “is that Ugandan shillings?” Because what do I know, it could have been a promo that would have saved me the hustle of multiplying 500 by 37.8 (exchange rate of a Kenyan shilling to a Ugandan shilling).

When all was said and done, we made our way to Athi River, Mombasa Road where we would spend the next 4 days of the week attending the Fearless Summit.

Still to come: Tea and Jesus

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