The Beauty of Ugandan Stories

The Beauty of Ugandan Stories

My last visit to the Uganda Museum motivated me to write about Kibuuka: God of war, a legend who lived between 1580 – 1607. His story is one of the few that is well documented even though there are two sides to it especially when it comes to his death.

Legends say Kibukka was shot while he was hiding out in the skies while others say he was shot by his enemies while he was hiding out in a big tree. I still don’t believe the latter, because how does a guy who is believed to have made wings out of animal skin and flown around the Buganda region just die like that. 

Whether I choose to believe it or not, there are so many original stories in Uganda like the Bachwezi, Musisi (earthquake god), Kintu tales and the legendary smoke pipes, that would easily make great scripts for plays and movies. 

I still don’t know how they smoked with this pipe

So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that there will be a Kampala International Theatre Festival which will start on November 26th to 30th at the Ndere Centre and Uganda Museum. 

This festival attracts different artists from all over the world who come and showcase their plays but they also get to learn from us Ugandans. I’m all for putting Uganda on the map, so I can’t wait to see the original plays cometh the day. 

I believe one of the awesome ways to promote our beloved country is through movies, plays, and documentaries. Forest Whitaker was great in Last King of Scotland but if it wasn’t for Amin’s story may be the Oscar would have gone to Will Smith for his role in Pursuit of Happiness.  

Whether the story is sad or pretty, it needs to be told. Chernobyl, Ukraine had one of the worst nuclear disasters in April 1986 but now it’s being promoted as a tourist site and surprisingly it’s a hot spot. 

I have come to believe that the ugly, heartbreaking stories also sell. So if a tourist is not interested in hearing about the love story of the two lakes in Bunyaruguru, maybe he/she would be interested in the story of the punishment Island in lake Bunyonyi where unmarried pregnant girls were left to die. 

Punishment Island. Photo Credit: Fay Kakai

Uganda is blessed with an abundance of stories, and we have barely scratched the surface. I can’t wait to travel to Zzitwe with the mountain slayers and bring you the story of the beauty and the beast (human cannibalism).

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