The Passion Project: Travel

The Passion Project: Travel

They often say if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life but actually, I’m not a stronger believer in that, I believe that you will work extra hard and not tire because your dream will triumph over the doubts.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a fellow travel enthusiast about jumping on board a promotion dubbed “The Best Job Ever.” The vision behind this campaign is to showcase the beauty of the Pearl of Africa to fellow Ugandans and the rest of the world.

The idea of traveling as a career has often been one that excites me to the brim and the mere fact that I have been to several beautiful destinations across this country from the highest camp on the Rwenzori mountain to the lowest region in the Semuliki valley and still can’t get enough of it, it’s only a statement that there may be no wifi connection in the wild but you will find a better connection.

COVID_19 messed up a lot of industries and the tourism sector is one of the most hit but with hopes of a vaccine lingering in the horizon and the country easing up on the lockdown, the opportunity to travel to this beautiful land has once again presented its self.

A group of 4 tourism enthusiasts that is Jonathan Benaiah, Charles Mwesigwa, Brian O. Jonathan, and Brian Ahereza will be traversing the country for 2 weeks and as they visit all these great destinations, they will share their experiences and why you need to visit or revisit these areas.

I decided to jump on as a virtual tourist along with other people and the intention for this is for us to share the beauty of this country which we have captured through our smartphones and cameras over the years.

You too can be part of this, share your favourite photos and take us on a trip down memory lane or you could follow the #VisitUgandaTomorrow and #RestartTourism across all the platforms to be part of the conversation.

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