The Wild Bananas That Can Intoxicate A Person For A Week

The Wild Bananas That Can Intoxicate A Person For A Week

Amabeere Caves which are located 8km from Fort Portal town (Bundibugyo road) are famously known for the Amabeere Ga Nyina Mwiru which is loosely translated as the breasts of Nyina Mwiru.

The story is of Nyina Mwiru attracted me to the caves but what I found was more than what I paid for.  

Wild Bananas

Little is said about the wild bananas well at least I haven’t found any information online so I didn’t know what to expect. 

Unlike the usual bananas which can be seen on a highway as one drives to Western Uganda, the wild bananas are giants in their own class. Towering over most of the vegetation in Amabeere caves, the plant is as mighty as it looks. 

A while back on a chimpanzee tracking expedition in Kibale National Park, I discovered a fruit that made elephants drunk but never did I ever think that I would find bananas that had twice the effect. 

According to the guide, the wild bananas have a high alcoholic content and are really loved by some primates especially the red tail monkeys. The plant triggers an erratic behavior in them and can be seen running up and down trees, like as though they being chased by their own shadows. 

“If it can have such an effect on monkeys, I wonder how it’s like for humans?” I pondered

Just as soon my thought passed the guide said it’s not advisable for humans to consume it because it can make one intoxicated for a week.


Imagine being intoxicated for a week from just one bite. Now that seems like it’s out of this world but to the guide, it’s real. Did a friend or an acquaintance consume it and struggle for a week? Well, I guess I will find out the next time 🙂

There is so much Fort Portal town has to offer, so make sure to add the wild bananas to your list of things to check out but you won’t be allowed to harvest it.

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Kahuma Walter

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Dilman Dila
7 months ago

Interesting! I have always wanted to visit those caves, now I have a new reason :-)) to get high for a week

Dibo Brown
Dibo Brown
7 months ago

I submit that our primate cousins have a very weak drinking head. I will need to form an eating committee so we can investigate these bananas.