Things I Miss About The Pre-Corona Days

Things I Miss About The Pre-Corona Days

It’s quite fascinating how this quarantine or should I say COVID_19 period has put more things into perspective for me. It has made me reflect on some of the things that I hold dear in my life that in most cases would have gone unnoticed. 

With so much time at my hands, there wasn’t much to do but think about the things that I actually miss about the pre-corona days.


2019 was the year I traveled the most and it made me look at Uganda in a new light. From Kapchorwa to Bunyanguru to Murchison Falls National Park, almost every region I visited is stunning. Some regions you have to walk further to see the beauty while others it’s right there for everyone to see. 

I was super excited about the travel plans for this year thanks to the Mountain Slayers who had shared their calendar that had me dreaming about the different places. From destinations like Mountain Meru in Tanzania, Lake Albert, and Mountain Rwenzori among others, all I had started doing was counting down the days. 

But as the saying goes, sometimes we make our plans and God laughs. No one could have predicted the current Corona times but here we are and we have no choice but to change our plans. 


This may sound weird but I actually do miss looking at different faces from family to friends to strangers. Yes, strangers as well. I’m one of those people who is intrigued by how different we all look and yet we somehow connected. Doppelgangers may exist but there is still some sort of difference about everybody.

Hanging Out

I miss going out with friends and family. In the past, I would pass on many plans because I enjoyed the comfort of my home but the tables have turned. I’m tired of the indoors and can’t wait for the day bars and other entertainments centers reopen, I just might be part of the welcoming crew because I intend to early bird 🙂 

The comforting bit about this whole quarantine situation is that soon or later we will get to do some of the amazing things that we miss again and that for me a ray of hope that I need. Stay Safe.

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Kahuma Walter

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