Top of The World: Icing on the Cake

Top of The World: Icing on the Cake

The phrase “Top of the world” is often used when a person is emphasizing how happy or healthy they feel but in some cases, it may mean being at the summit of mountain Everest but luckily or unluckily it’s not on everyone’s bucket list.  

Bringing it closer home, top of the world may mean being at the peak of Rwenzori (Margherita) to some people while to others it may just bring back old skool memories of Brandy’s hit song top of the world featuring Mase.” 

Just like time is interpreted differently by people where one second could mean a new world record or a buzzer-beater in basketball,  I strongly believe the phrase top of the world is relative. 

Kabarole district which is home to Uganda’s highest number of crater lakes (52), top of the world could mean the beautiful royal cottages which are located about 20kms out of Fort Portal town (Kamwenge road) sitting comfortably on top of a hill.

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From its viewpoint, one can easily see, Kibale National Park, the Rwenzori mountain ranges, Lake George and three crater lakes: Nyamirima, Nyinabulitwa, and Nyabikere. 

I was dumbfounded as I tried to take in all the beauty that lay before my eyes. How are we this blessed? I pondered. 

The viewpoint from the top of the world cottages.

In Colombia, they often say, “God made our land so beautiful it was unfair to the rest of the world.” God wasn’t unfair to Uganda, He blessed this nation in so many ways that I can’t begin to fathom. It’s like staring at a beautiful masterpiece, you can never tire from it.

Fort Portal town has been dubbed as the tourism city of Uganda because of its rich biodiversity. They are plenty of hills and locations within the region which offer breathtaking views of crater lakes, Kibale National Park, Rwenzori Mountain ranges and Semuliki National Park among others. 

Crystal Lodges

So if you thinking of places to visit in Uganda, you should definitely add Fort Portal on your travel list, you won’t regret it. Accommodation is affordable it just comes down to the budget you’re working with.

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Anita Komukama
10 months ago

Awesome read