Travel Is My Escape

Travel Is My Escape

Travel is my escape from real life, sometimes the mere thought that I’m going to be out of town for a few days or even just a few hours usually just releases the happy hormones in my body. 

It’s like I temporarily forget about my problems or issues in life for that moment and I go out to discover the gems of nature or the different places. 

What’s funny is, many times when a travel opportunity is around the corner it feels like my life is cluttered, filled with confusion and so many questions but very few answers. It’s like as though the issues know my travel calendar and choose to pile up. 

The Zone Out

I usually tend to zone out on my way to the travel destination as I think about how I need to let go of the things I can’t control and trust me there are a lot of things I have no control over but can confuse the living days out of me. 

Like why are some people so proud and greedy? Why were mosquitoes created? Why is there so much hate? Why are there few people that care about global warming? Why hasn’t a cure for cancer been discovered or is there too much money to be made in the sell of medicine? 

In travel, I often find myself, it’s like the little voice within finally gets louder and I can hear it so clearly. And with it comes peace of mind as I choose to reflect on what’s important in life and what I can do to enrich it. 

Kapchorwa was all kinds of stunning.

I recently found out that every time I take a break from my phone and computer which is usually the case when I travel, there is a calmness that follows. The noise is blocked out and I can recalibrate. It’s funny how the things which were meant to connect us can sometimes disconnect us from our true selves. 

Travel helps me declutter and I can only hope you find that thing that helps you refocus your energies or life because there is a lot the world has to offer.

Kahuma Walter

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Love this. It is deep.