Understanding My Fascination With Elephants

Understanding My Fascination With Elephants

A friend recently asked me why I love elephants so much and honestly I could think of 100 reasons but I decided to settle for a few.

There is this documentary I watched a while back about how a young elephant fended off 14 lions that tried it down. The pride had it surrounded, they jumped on it and at one point they were about 2 lions on its back but it kept running and swinging its trunk at those which were approaching it from the sides.

I didn’t see hope for the elephant but a few minutes later, it was still holding its ground as it ran towards a water body nearby and as fate would have it, the lions gave up. I was so amazed by the elephants’ strength because it walked through the valley of the shadow of death and it came out with a win.

Elephants have no real threats in the wild, the main threat to them is Man. Despite the ban on the international trade of ivory, tens of thousands are still being killed each year for their tusks. 

It’s heartbreaking to know that this has been the case since time immemorial and if we don’t act now and protect these lovely creatures our children may never see them in the wild just like how we don’t have rhinos in Uganda’s wild anymore.

The Animal that never forgets

I have always heard stories about an elephant’s memory, these majestic creatures don’t forget. Their brain weighs about 11-13 pounds and that’s 4 times the size of the human brain. So you can imagine what it’s like when an elephant makes its colleague angry.

Elephant at Murchison Falls National Park

“Don’t think I forgot about what you did on April 15th, 1985 at 11:25 am,” yes, I truly think they can remember that much detail from 34 years ago.

I recently read about the close interaction  Iain Douglas-Hamilton, founder of Save the Elephants in Nairobi, Kenya had with an elephant in 1969 and when he returned to the park 4 years later, it’s like he had never left, the elephant still remembered him. 

It’s amazing to know how intelligent these creatures are and I have always wished for a moment to be in close proximity with them whether it means volunteering to feed them at the orphan shelters or adopting an orphan with Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

We can all play a part to conserve nature and all its beauty. No matter how small we may think our efforts are, they make a difference one way or the other.

Kahuma Walter

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Dilman Dila

I wonder if you have ever been up close to an Elephant, I only saw one in captivity in Nepal and he had tears in his eyes

Charlene Komuntale
Charlene Komuntale