Why You Need To Become A Mountain Slayer

Why You Need To Become A Mountain Slayer

The first time I heard of the Mountain Slayers was when I had just finished the Tulambule Northern Uganda tour in February, a friend who runs AK’s Nuggets asked me to join them for a trip to Mpanga Forest and I was completely sold. 

Their mission is to promote hiking and the outdoor lifestyle among Ugandans across all demographics. Through their activities, they hope to inspire a whole generation to move from bars into the wild as their first choice of fun weekends and getaways.

If you’re a travel enthusiast like myself then becoming a mountain slayer will ease your hustle of traveling around Uganda. I have been privileged to see places I have never heard of like Buvuma and Zzitwe yet so beautiful, I have hiked through a downpour in Kapchorwa and discovered an alternate source of the Nile in Bunyaruguru

5 trips in and I feel like I have a better understanding of why Uganda is called the Pearl of Africa. Outside the comforts of Kampala, there is so much beauty that one can’t begin to fathom. 

From the thousands of waterfalls to the vast wildlife and vegetation to the landscape everything is set up to leave one awestruck. 

The upcountry trips usually range between 200,000UGX and 400,000UGX. They try to keep the costs as low as possible but maintain a great standard of service delivery.

All it takes for you to join this awesome group of people is for you to tag along and after 3 trips with them, you become a mountain slayer. Their are different grades of hikes some easy which take about 4-5 hours others are hard and can take 8 to 10 hours depending on the terrain. 

There are few rules like leave no trace behind, be kind to the locals and have the right attitude, hike at your pace because there is no medal for the first person and personally, I am always on “team sloth” because I lead from behind.  

So if you’re thinking about your 2020 resolutions maybe you should add becoming a mountain slayer to the list. There is so much this country has to offer and we (mountain slayers) have barely scratched the surface. 

Kahuma Walter

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