Zzitwe: The Village With A Fascinating Story

Zzitwe: The Village With A Fascinating Story

There are so many places around Uganda that are blessed with immense beauty and some you have probably never heard of despite the fact that you have been up and down the country for years. 

This was the case when I first heard of Zzitwe, a place so remote that only a few people know of it. Located about 3hr’s drive from the city center, it’s a place with a rather unique story. 

It was mostly known for its horrific past that was filled all sorts of night dancers and human cannibalism stories. It’s a place where one would be scared to ask for directions when lost because of the fear of never seeing daylight again. 

According to the locals, all those who were found guilty of human cannibalism were driven out of the village or arrested. There hasn’t been an incident in over 3 decades and what’s interesting is the locals hold each other accountable.

Zzitwe lies on the shores of Lake Nalubaale which is also known as Lake Victoria and because of its hilly terrain, it gives off a breathtaking view of the lake. The vast shoreline gives one the chance to see the different islands and caves which carved out of the cliffs. 

One of the most fascinating things about it is the rock formation. With no site of a mountain nearby, it’s quite confusing how the lava rock was actually formed on the grounds.

Though my best guess is, millions of years before civilization was considered there was an active volcano that has since withered away or disappeared below the biggest freshwater lake in the world.

Zzitwe is ideal for hikes, yoga, and meditation. The slow pace of nature and the peace and quiet accompanied by it just makes it an ideal gate away destination for anybody looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.  

Peace and quiet. Photo by Megan Lee

Though one should be open to the idea of camping because there aren’t any major facilities in place. 

Photo by Megan Lee
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